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von guardons
So 3. Feb 2019, 20:12
Forum: Season 2019
Thema: Modus Saison 2019
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Re: Modus Saison 2019

It looks like a nice idea, I am fine with that! Unfortunately, I won't be able to to participate in the muffin bowl. I hope we will more tournaments to test the World Cup rules.
von guardons
Mo 28. Jan 2019, 22:24
Forum: Season 2019
Thema: Muffin Bowl 2019
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Re: Muffin Bowl 2019

Hey Oliver, thanks for the invitation, but this time I can't manage to join. February is too busy this year. Have fun guys ::
von guardons
Mo 28. Jan 2019, 22:11
Forum: Season 2019
Thema: Anmeldung - Saison 2019
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Re: Anmeldung - Saison 2019

I will be happy to join you again :)
von guardons
Mo 28. Jan 2019, 22:08
Forum: Season 2019
Thema: Umfrage - Saison 2019
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Re: Umfrage - Saison 2019

Thanks for the translation! Sorry for the delay, I haven't noticed this post till now.

I am fine any way we'll decide. I am slightly more in favor of the WorldCup-like mode.